Confessions of a Male Lesbian

A subtle mixture of random thoughts and quite lurid details describing quite explicit fantasies I have of my wife who happens to be my favorite sex partner with an understanding to the reader that various silliness may crop up unrelated to the aforementioned and quite naughty imagery.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Awareness thereof....

It’s not the generic, mechanical act of the blow job itself per se. The methodical and repetitious variations involving tongue, lips and mouth play on the varying degrees of erection are quite pleasurable and will vary in intensity depending upon where upon the continuum my cock happens to play under your guided expertise. In other words, please don’t stop.

My desire is not based upon what is the obvious. The rote definition and description falls short of the pleasure.

It’s in essence the movement and varying degree of touch of your luxuriously long hair draping and curled about the expectant tenseness of my skin. The encirclement of your mouth and tension elicited in the movements that you produce will change the effect of that softened awareness along my lower abdomen…perhaps my legs depending upon the angle of your mouth around me. A tickling sometimes. Occasionally, the soft cushion burrowed hard against my thighs as I begin to come…the mahogany spilling around your face as you stroke me to your desired level of completion.

This so subtle awareness and enjoyment magnifies the intensity of your work.

And now you know how good you have always been.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


That gorgeously wonderful thickness of his pressed up hard against your tightened belly. The weeks, almost months, of your workout regimen were showing off your new attribute of a firmer abdomen and tighter ass which you could tell had been pleasing him. Your larger breasts were perhaps slightly smaller if you went by overall cup size but still represented your sexual presence. Nonetheless, you enjoyed his touch and company…you friendship having evolved over the past month or so.

This afternoon, he had given you an expensive set of some relatively alternative jewelry. He positioned and then clasped tight a diamond and thin gold link belly chain that lay firm, tightly hugging you just below your belly button. You allowed his tongue to explore and lick that part of you afterwards. His mouth ended up further on your chest. You enjoyed normally the sucking he would give your tits. This time he assured the full arousal needed to allow the full enclosure of the gold links encircling each nipple---the length of the overall chain dipping lower to your navel. The linkage of gold matching perfectly that below your midriff. He enjoyed your body and would always remark upon that both before, during and after he fucked you. His attention and gifting was part of what drew you to him but the sex was the more intense of the desire.

When you had met, you ended up sharing some time in a local inn’s jacuzzi. You were in need of some downtime and had arranged for childcare so you could have a few nights alone to yourself. It was nearly midnight and you immersed yourself into the water and with no one else around you had removed your two piece bathing suit to fully enjoy the effects of the hot pulsing water, swirling about the contours of your ass and feeling your breasts floating to a degree within the turbulence of the water’s surface. Your arms stretched back over the warmth of the ceramic edging and your eye’s having just barely closed to enjoy the overall relaxation you had needed from the day.

“Are you okay with some company”, a decidingly masculine voice interrupted your idle thoughts. You looked up at an intensely attractive man, more so as you took him in, who happened to be just wearing loose, gray sweatpants. No shirt which presented you no problem given his overall build. Perhaps your age, maybe a little older but quite cute.

“Love to have you,” having realized a certain suggestiveness in that comment. You had noticed that he looked at your exposed breasts in the interim. You had begun to close your thighs slightly but then had decided otherwise as you watched slowly remove his pants and underwear. Fuck, you had muttered under your breath as he exposed himself.

It was from that particular night and for each week afterwards that you and he had arranged time for each other. It wasn’t specifically an emotional connection although perhaps you were enjoying more of him when you sat down to catch up on your individual week’s experiences. While you hated to admit it, your basic and primary interest was really his cock. Not that you were expressly size oriented but he did show off an attribute that you had not seen or considered for many years. That first night as his length jiggled against his thighs as he entered the water was inticing and you felt amazingly and quickly turned on. You could not recall any remnant of the conversation you and he had at the time but you did remember feeling how hard his cock stiffened in your mouth as you attempted to try giving him a blow job as he sat on the edge of the jacuzzi. The swollen head was about the most you could attempt. Fortunately, the overall roominess of your relaxed pussy allowed both of you to enjoy the expanded girth and thrusts of that monstrous cock as he fucked you hard and repeatedly for over an hour. Normally, you didn’t like it from behind but you allowed him to do so, to finally cum, your own cunt tense around his shaft now imbedded hard, pinning your cervix with that dull ache as most of his cock remained jammed inside of you---your one hand reaching around to hold onto and squeeze a further five, maybe six inches.

But you had developed a technique that relieved some of the next day’s achiness your cunt would get from his weekly fucking. You led him back to the bed. The gentle tugging of the diamond clasps providing a distinct, yet enjoyable warmth around your now swollen nipples. The pressure was part of the sensation but other ideas were producing the wet throb between your thighs. His cock was at full length---always that way it seemed and with no disapproval on your part. Occasionally, a hand job or quick suck could get him perhaps a little longer.

You had him lay down on the sheets, having pulled down the comforter. Straddling his thighs, you gently coated his cock and balls with a thick layer of massage oil, rubbing both areas smoothly and firmly. You especially enjoyed fingering and playing with his balls, particularly on those occasions when you knelt in front of him. His sack hanging ever so low…his testicles were much bigger than any of the men you fucked in your past and you could watch him squirm as you pulled each one deep into your throat. You maneuvered yourself up further, both of your hands pulling the lips of your cunt wide. Those engorged twelve inches of cock completely and totally yours for the taking as your pressed your soft lips around that shaft. And then began that slow, luxurious and sensual movement along his full length. The rigidity he could always provide for you in contrast to the increasingly wet softness of your cunt as you slid up and over and then down that huge cock of his. He never ever lasted very long with this technique, you had noticed. Neither did you as you own quite rigid clit would send you to that next level of overall pleasure. Both of your orgasms always remarkably intense and, from your perspective, quite loud. You looked down and watched as his pearl white cum spread up over his chest and belly. You enjoyed feeling him cum inside of you and sometimes you just liked to watch. He softened underneath of you. You leaned over and kissed him. Your lips parting as your tongue slid deep within. Your face and your entire body feeling hot as he responded in kind, his strong arms pulling you hard into his chest.

It had never been that intense before.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


You were somewhat subtle in the beginning, apparently.

Your mouth and your tongue, particularly, more probing, more fervent in exploring my own. Your lips encircling and tightening hard around the tip of my tongue, sucking and pulling me into your moistness. You had started tentatively but minutes passed since and you were getting more aggressive, pleasurably so. I followed your lead. Our lips lingering against each other. The strength and flexibility of our tongues producing the more intense connection we had desired.
I wanted to feel more of you. My hand coming up and not meeting the terry material expected but the soft, firm flesh of your breasts…my fingertips just brushing up and over one of your exposed nipples. I briefly pulled back to , I suppose, validate my initial surprise. Your towel having been undone displaying not just your breasts but the smooth surface of your belly all the way down to your pussy Your left leg flexed against the sauna wall---- fingers of one hand were sunk deeply inside as several fingertips of your other hand rubbed hard against your clit. The folds of loose flesh around your cunt slick with the heat and moisture of our surroundings. You sounded so much wetter than usual and probably just not so much from the heat generated from the sauna.
You had been fingering the soft contours of your cunt, showing off your clit…pleasuring yourself not just for your own enjoyment but, given the full length of the other man’s now exposed cock, his enjoyment as well---his hand wrapped tightly around the shaft, stroking himself to a deep swollen redness. And directly, fully exposed to both of us although his eyes affixed only on you and directly to your pussy. You had acknowledged his entrance into the sauna earlier with a quick smile and hello. I had noticed that you did linger a bit as you watched him step inside. He wore a similarly plush towel about his waist. He was well muscled; his arms, chest and abdomen dark with hair already wet and plastered against his skin, possibly from a swim in the next door pool. He sat down on the second level bench directly across from you. I couldn’t help but notice your occasional glances over at him. Whether or not you had known him previously was no longer an issue. You were giving your clit a much rougher touch than before…your right leg now draped over my thigh.

“Touch me. Kiss me”, was your request.

“And give me that cock”, you added. Loud enough for the three of us to hear and quite apparent as to who you meant. Your eyes riveted on the thickness that was being pulled and stretched toward you, purposefully and forcefully. “God, I’m needing a good hard fuck”.
You slowly eased yourself from our bench and held onto the towel that you allowed to drop away fully from your body. The heat from the time we had spent already producing the streams of sweat trickling down your back onto your firm and extremely curvaceous ass. I watched that very part of you as you slowly walked the few steps needed to join your admirer. You deliberately folded your towel into a thicker cushion as you dropped it onto the floor.
“I’m thinking that you can get a lot bigger than that”, you suggested (demanded?) as you dropped yourself to your knees and I watched as you then leaned forward into him, his thighs stretched wide as he offered himself to you. “Oh yeah” was the only understandable comment you would make as you took him now into your mouth. You were deep throating him fully I was sure as I began to stroke my own cock…enjoying the pleasure of watching you sucking off another man. His hands were pressing you hard and fully against him, your head I could see rocking from side to side as you gave him that intimate pleasure as his cock lay completely engorged into the back of your throat. I wondered how close he would be in coming knowing how pleasurable you could be with me.

You never allowed him that particular sensation however as you released him. You had pressed yourself up, hands balanced against his thighs as you turned around and faced me. Carefully and slowly, perhaps to give him a good look at your ass, you inched yourself up onto the lower bench. I watched as you spread your cunt with the fingers of your one hand…your other hand reaching from below to grab the lengthy cock worthy of your cunt’s attention…sliding the head and then the first few inches…and then the whole swollen length hard up into your belly. “Oh, fuck…”, you whispered, eyes shut.

Your fingers played hard against your clit. You enjoyed feeling the effects of something hard inside of your pussy but I knew that you needed the extra stimulation that your clit and the rest of your body would require to give you a good cum. The hard erection deep inside of you, completely rigid as you kept yourself impaled fully…you slid your cunt back and forth to give you that extra stimulation. You were needing more to give you that full release.
I stepped over to the both of you. Your glazed eyes, so near to your own hard orgasm, aware of what I had known would be your full desire and expectation. My thumbs and index fingers gently at first finding themselves over the thickened contours of your nipples. And now, pressing hard…the initial gasp and release, of allowance, from your open mouth. I knew the full effects of how your body responded and what would give you the whole experience of feeling a much larger cock. It was my initiative as your primary lover.

Your nipples became much more rigid…a deeper hue of purple than maybe I would inflict normally but the deep moaning as you ground your cunt down on his cock gave me the added impetus to ensure that I was the lover who knew the added stimulus that you would desire as we made love. “Oh, Jim, I’m cumming”, and of course I knew this. As I watched you rocking your cunt harder and deeper against his cock, I could see how his balls tightened. His moans of desire matching yours. My thumbs and forefingers firmly clenched upon you, Your eyes deeply and totally reflected in the awareness of your now complete orgasm and experienced in my eyes as well. It was within a few moments that I ultimately released you. You remained astride your lover but for a few brief moments before you uncoupled from him. I watched his thick cock drop against his thigh as you stood up.

“Thank you”, you affirmed.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


The enmeshment of the lighter aspect of tourmaline swirling about a reflection of the variegated blues from overhead tinted the warmth, enveloping both of us. The deep tawny contours encircling the pouting of your breasts---the pink nearly alabaster softness floating delicately and in contrast to the deeper hues of brown visited upon your shoulders and arms. The thin strands of the vivid yellow turquoise bracelets flashed in concert with the harsh brightness of the sun as you brought your arms around my neck, my shoulders.

The tines of the silver having speared the dried cranberry and grilled Portobello, both of which drawn to your mouth---you had wanted just a salad. A mix of selected greens, purplish curls and the medium gold of sautéed garlic sprinkled over the dual tones of the just perfectly seasoned mushroom. A drizzle of the pale oil blended with the rustiness of the offered vinegar. I was sure to have their merlot. You had asked to have a sip. That particular shade of lipstick, pumpkin bronze I believe, carefully outlined and provided the matching accent to the deep auburn which played over your eyes.

Just the barest tremulous glow of orange from the torches illuminating the courtyard five stories below our window. The breeze periodically arranging the white linen curtain into the bedroom. Just shades of black and gray in our immediacy…our movements against and for each other sharing no real color for the present.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What More Can Be Said?

Nope, no particular sexual fantasy or musings this time. One particular scenario was streaming in and out of my consciousness through most of yesterday and I had plans to jot down some attempt at capturing the imagery. Unfortunately, I also happened to fall prey to the television set that I just happened to keep tuned to the American League series, the 7th game, the game that was inconceivable of needing to be played just a few nights ago. I suppose that fantasies and desires are not necessarily the domain of sexual experience and hunger. Tonight, well actually last night now, a whole lot of hopes and desires came true and it was a pleasure to have enjoyed the spectacle myself. Sometimes, there are more important things to life than sex. Sometimes, there is baseball. Well played, Red Sox.
Of course, there still remains the conclusion of the National League series...they too will have their 7th game, after the show put on by the Cardinals earlier last night. And Roger Clemens will be there for that 7th and we all know what he will show to those who will witness. Play well, Astros.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Brainstem reticular formation. Medial dorsal and anterior nuclei of the thalamus. The limbic system and the amygdala…the hippocampus. These are but a few centers of desire that I can alter within a select anatomy, the deepest and sometimes hidden component of your soul. The increased pulse, the dampness I sense of your body has been well under my control and this you have allowed. I can produce and adapt to those unspoken needs of your darkest sexuality. You have shared volumes with me already.

We’ve dealt with the legends of old Europe and the misrepresentations within those societies that due to lack of awareness and, not necessarily blinded ignorance, that tended to cast us as a demonic form. I am very aware of the Judean writings of centuries past that blamed a certain Lilith as a Pandora that unleashed our kind into your world of dreams. No, my sweet, you have created me---your inner-most desires, hunger and longing for higher levels of sensual expression have merged across and into the spiritual divide that separates us in body only. I am but your own awareness and my power, the part that your psyche has ceded control, is once again here for you. Tonight.

You seem to hold onto an attraction for this one man, your husband, but the energy flow that swirls about you shows imagery of other thoughts. Your dreams and the state of awareness before that REM stage is where you have allowed me to enter. Your innermost feelings tonight…not every night, of course….are now enmeshed with me.

I wish I could know you in your physical world. As aware as I am of the nature and physiology of the part of you that I will soon enter, I wish I knew who I was. Who was my creator? Was I always what I am. Will I die and eventually go back to where I was before I was born? For now, I am sensing your body. Your tanned arms and shoulders. The peaceful face, gorgeous in its sculpture. The sheet tucked over your thighs and along your belly. Though, I have no awareness of feeling touch, the tactile stimulation, that you can understand---yet, I feel your warmth. The capillary pulsations and reverberations of your flesh increasing as I lie with you.

Your hands on their own volition push aside the fabric covering you. I see nothing but light in my world and so the bed is illuminated, your nude body glorious to me. Your lips part and you give a sigh. You are needing me. Your thighs are just slightly spread. Your thoughts now are including a mix of one of your business clients, an attraction toward him and another man you had seen somewhere else. You speak legion of desires for both. I can alter my being into either one and this is why you have allowed me to enter your life, the realm of unspoken lustfulness that you would periodically acknowledge in your real world to maybe one friend, periodically to your husband. But you allowed the safety of my world to enter yours, bringing you those deep visceral orgasms that you craved from me.

The darkened nipples now fully erect under the unavoidable chill that I sometimes bring as I merge with you. Something I wish I could prevent but I have tried before to no real avail. Your large, soft breasts; they are magnificent. I enjoy their appearance. My lips and tongue soon to be caressing, kissing your firm flesh there. You are aware more of my presence. Am feeling myself being drawn into you. I will no longer be on just an ethereal stratum with you. I feel the desire from me building as well as we interlock both of our needs. Your thighs have moved outwards, your thoughts creeping closer more to wanting a hard, deep, pounding fuck. Sometimes you wanted a more prolonged pleasure and I can not interfere with any specific desires without upsetting certain neural functions. While your husband can not hear you, that low guttural moan as my large, thick cock enters you is your acknowledgement of my presence. On a primitive emotional level, you knew I was with you when you summoned me. The warm flow of something quite hard pressed up high into your pussy awakened the next level of your awareness. Your body lay quite still and would appear that way if anyone happened to gaze upon you. But, within you, your body, your very core was being fucked harder than any man you had ever experienced. The desire you dream of being ravaged by a large cock was particularly pressing for you tonight. Of being turned over roughly onto your hands and knees---his smooth abdomen slapping hard and loud against your ass as you allow me and him to penetrate you. As I fold into your dream, I have become as close to being truly physical and this is the part of I beg to prolong. But your needs are the soul of my existence. You were wanting but just a brief interlude, a generic quick fuck that you periodically enjoyed. Your orgasm came quickly as I sensed you tighten around me. The alteration of REM is something that has proven difficult to manipulate but, then if I could do that, it would take the full power from you and this would never be. I felt myself lighten inside of you, no longer needed for the rest of your night. Feeling my being pulling now further and further away. My sense of control and wanting just you forever fading once more.

I will miss you.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Not Quite...

“Mmmm, that’s it, already?”---you had turned your head to the side and then face back into the pillow.

“My hands are starting to cramp up a bit, dear”…a special, playful emphasis on that last word. Damn, that I was simply viewing the most gorgeous woman on earth was my thought as I looked at your tanned body, prone on our hotel bed. I adored giving you those full body massages that you enjoyed, the effect producing sometimes total relaxation into which you fell blissfully asleep and, yet, occasionally would awaken your other desires much to both of our later appreciations.

“I could suggest we get dressed and grab something to eat at the B-----”, a bistro-type restaurant which was my favorite place in Honolulu and to which I had brought you a few times. No complaints ever from you at this particular choice. Perhaps, one day, we would enjoy the P----- in Manila. I wanted to treat you to an eatery in that hotel that had the best, undisputed, world class Italian food (go figure) that I had ever had in the world. Alexandria would always have a different meaning in our lives, but for decadence, this Filipino site would surpass that particular hunger.

“I suppose…but“, you did add, “I have been enjoying that little pressure against my ass…so, ummm, maybe, we could spend some…”

“Nope.” I pushed myself up, away from you. My cock was engorged, you had felt that. And, yes, perhaps, I did allow the potential of an invite as I periodically leaned up against the curvature of your toned ass while gliding my oiled hands over your back and hips. I had other desires too. I liked teasing you as well and there was a brief moment that the slipperiness of your skin and my cock nearly merged into a lengthy, mutually pleasurable fuck.

Let’s get you dressed”. I gently pulled on your wrists. The yellow turquoise and diamond bracelets that flashed as we swam in the gentle surf off Waikiki earlier that afternoon the only items you wore for the moment. You slowly crawled back over the edge of the bed. Your feet now onto the floor. I kept you there, facing away from me…my touch, holding you there, being a specific understanding. I walked over to the dresser and opened several drawers--- followed by the opening of your closet…a long pause there. I returned to you, my body now pressed up against you, deliberately on my account. Your thighs were pushed against the mattress, it being level with your hips. There was a sudden rush of breathlessness from you as I did that. “I’ve been wanting you all day, J--, please, …just won’t you?…”.

I could feel your body stiffen, your legs particularly, as I kneeled behind you, my lips lightly touching just the back of your one thigh. My hands touching, softly the outer curves of your hips at the time. I traced the tip of my tongue inwardly…higher…to that area that would drive you closer to demanding more attention, You felt my hand pull your right ankle up…you allowed this and felt a the sensation of satin slide over your foot and ankle and then further upwards. I saw you look down towards your legs, watching the slipping on of the pair of bright crimson thongs you had brought for this trip. I felt that this colour made you look not only sexy but magnificent. You balanced yourself unquestionably against the bed as you slightly raised your other leg. I pulled the thong up along your legs, and around your thighs…carefully slipping the one strap gently between your cheeks, adjusting the front and that strap so as to not be too tight around you. Your one hand joined mine at the level of your pussy, your wetness. You had placed some pressure there. Yes, I felt you. I know you wanted me too.

I pulsed and throbbed against your ass as I stood directly behind you. Your hands drifted backwards to grasp my hips, pulling me against you. It would have been so simple to finger that vertical strap to the side and push you over the edge of the bed. I’m sure those were your thoughts as well. I dropped my mouth over your right shoulder and traced the contour of your muscles up along your neck. Sucking gently along your smooth skin, drawing your flesh at once hard into my mouth as you moaned, almost collapsing into my arms…holding you from behind. Your head twisting around, your mouth wanting to engage my attention but not quite able to. My hands pressed up against your breasts, holding them, pressing them hard against your ribs. My tongue allowing a leisurely exploration of your neck on that side, up to your ear…deliciously around the lobe… your sounds and your pressure against me being just the prelude and ultimate request . You loved when I did this when I was fucking your cunt from behind. The cool satin of that one bra that ensured how stunning your body was, that uplifted and showcased your breasts in the way that brought you attention from other men and a few women, touched the undersurface of the warm flesh I balanced in my hands. Your own fingers came up to touch the smoothness against your skin. Your help, as unexpected as I’m sure you felt, but appreciated as I moved back a step, looking down to ensure each clasp held firm. I guided each arm and shoulder, slowly, through their respective enclosed strap. I leaned forward and bit you hard over your left shoulder. You managed a sudden “Oh fuck” as I did that…surprising you, your upper body tensed, as I held your skin between my teeth. You tended to like that as our lovemaking progressed. “Any time now”, you suggested. Now, more of a question than anything else. I slowly released my hold as I ordered you to turn around.

You looked down at me, grabbing onto and gently holding the swollen cock pointing directly at your belly. “What are you wanting?”, as your eyes glanced at mine. I kneeled down in front of you, you had not expected that. My hands grasping your ass as I leaned forward into you. I loved tracing my tongue over and around the contours of your thighs and hips…briefly licking at the edging of your thong as it laid tight against your skin. I knew you wanted me to slip my finger under the fabric, to slide it inside of you. Your scent so much more pronounced than the earlier massage I had given you. You would prefer my tongue up in there as well…your pussy now more lubricated as I finger fucked you. The black linen skirt I pulled from the edge of the bed, holding it expectantly in front of you, as I pulled back from your legs. Your eyes crinkled a bit. “Are you going to give me help with your leg…or what?” I allowed some slow caresses, for my own pleasure, as I helped you slip the skirt up higher above your thighs. The metal clasp now snug over your hip as I ran my hands over and around your ass, ensuring the snug fit that this particular skirt would produce in showing off those attractive and muscular legs that I enjoyed. The smooth curves of your tight ass and round hips filled out this skirt in the way that I desired. Perhaps later, I would remove them but not as gently.

I stood up. Your eyes now looking up into mine, your arms slowly beginning to wrap around my neck as your head tilted to one side. That deep colour gazing deep into mine and now closed as your mouth inched up toward me. I allowed you to feel the sensation of my cock against your belly button---a harder pressure now of my hands, wrapping and encircling around your hair, falling over your shoulders and now directing you away from me. I turned from you and began to walk back to the closet. I carefully removed the black linen, long sleeved jacket and returned back to you.

“Give me your right arm”. You did as I requested and several moments later, the jacket was on. I had you stand before me. My fingers traced the tanned skin of your belly, teasingly for a few seconds, as I enclosed the bottom two buttons. Your sexy cleavage always a turn-on for me, something that would capture and be part of the full picture of the partner I would desire later in the hotel. You never minded not having an accompanying blouse and having other men looking at your body was as stimulating for you as much as for me.

“I think you should sit down”. I once more kneeled down, to reach for the black heels that I placed previously on the carpet next to you. I lifted your right leg up and against and over my shoulder. I was not so gentle as I bit and sucked the inner part of your calf. I could not help but draw my lips and tongue down and around your ankle, moistening…wetting that part of your body. I knew that you were wanting me to go further…for me to pull your toes deep into my mouth, sucking each of them. That was something that you would feel higher up against your clit just like the sensation you would get as I pulled each of your nipples deep into my mouth as I penetrated you, pressing down hard onto your body. You allowed me the extra time to explore your legs in this way…as I slipped on each of the high heels, the black straps snaking up along your calves, fitting perfectly.

“Absolutely wonderful”.

“I know", you winked.